Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Thing #23

I am finally finished with 2.0. It was a new experience. It opened my eyes to a lot new ways the enternet is beig used. It was a fun blogging and tagging. My favorite discovery was Youtube. It was fun watching all the funny video clips. If there was another discovery program like this one I would choose to participate.

thing #22

I visited sjlibrary's ebooks and the Gutenberg Project, they have many ebooks online. There are 20,000 free books in the project Gutenberg Online Book Catalog. It was fun exploring the site.

Thing #17

I edited the wiki and added my blog to the Favorite Blogs page. I hope I did right.

thing #21

I took a look at and yahoo podcast and there is a podcast from sunnyvale public library that showed a mother goose storytime for pre-walkers. It was interesting.

Thing #20

I explored YouTube and found one video clip that I liked and it is called Extreme break dancing. MY sons and I really like this site. At our library we find that our patrons visit this site a lot. Youtube is very popular.

Thing #19

I created an account to Library Thing. I added 5 books to my library. It was easy to add books but I don't know if I linked my blog to my library thing catalog. I don't know if it went through. My books were very popular.

Thing #18

I created a ZOHO Writer account. I explored the site but I did not know how to create a test document. I tried but I don't know if it went through.